New Board Members

Good Morning~

Thanks to those who made it our to our Annual Meeting on Monday!
We successfully elected 3 new Board members to the SPACE Board.
Matt Bator
Bob Kern
John Munroe
We are very excited to get moving on our spring projects!
The Board will be meeting next on Monday April 9th at Panera Bread in Swampscott and we’ll share more and more details of our spring project plans as they unfold. Remember all of our meetings are open to anyone so please make sure to come if you have some ideas!
Mark your calendars for the 1st Annual SPACE Summer Fundraiser at the Park! On July 14th, between 11am-3pm SPACE will host the “Dog Days of Summer” for your families and especially for your pups! More details to come!
Have a great weekend everybody!

Coming Next Week: 2nd Semi-Annual FaceBook Profile Picture Contest
Sarah Gagnon