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Leslie’s Dog Retreat offers plenty of trees, water, tennis balls and friends; and seating for the parents! Since our opening we’ve made some major improvements. A fenced off addition to the park specifically for dogs 40 lbs and under, a walkway from the gate to seating area.

Salem Play Area for Canine Exercise (SPACE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that that handles dog park applications  and handles events, news, and fundraising for this dog park. SPACE was started in 2005 to find a location and to raise money for a fenced-in, off-leash dog park.  After a lot of work and a tremendous amount of fundraising we were finally able to raise the $12,300 needed to install the fence at the Leslie’s RetreatPark in Salem.  In September 2006, the dog park was born!

The Pooch Pass funds are held in a special account by the city earmarked for the park.  This money is used to maintain the small and large dog area, benches, bag dispensers, landscaping and projects.

It’s been fantastic to see how people have rallied to provide dogs on the north shore with a place to run!  We would like to sincerely thank the Doug Bollen of Parks and Recreation, the many individual contributors, and the Salem City Council.